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We make Handmade Lures for multiple different fishing applications


Double tone Rat for only $69.99! Thats $10 off!

Movement of the RAT

Here is a Link to a Youtube video showing the movement of the rat, Or Scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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Austin Lures Giant Craw

This Unique Craw comes in at 8" long. 2 inches tall. Coming in a few different color patterns to match to hatch, Custom colors can be requested.

Austin Lures Glide bait

The Glide will come in a variety of color patterns: Rainbow Trout, Golden Carp and Lightning Trout to Start. Custom colors can be requested. 

Austin Lures Rat

The Rat is a Topwater bait that comes in two sizes. Black, White, Grey, Brown or Green. Custom Colors can be requested.